Photographer: Jamie Deaton

I'd love to have something super clever to say here, but honestly, I'm just a mom with some pretty handy camera skills. 
I live in Jackson, TN & have an amazing husband & the  most beautiful blue-eyed little girl you've ever seen.
I am a Christian. 
I am a full-time mommy & wife/ part-time photographer & RN.  
I adore pies, cookies, cakes, pearls, lip balm, & the hunt for cool vintage/thrift store finds!
I do not have any formal photography education but have mentored with several nationally recognized portrait photographers across the country.
A lot of people ask how I came up with my business name. The ‘W’ comes from a very special person in my life that passed away in 1999, my sweet little son, Wesley.  The ‘June’ is my baby girl, Farrah's, middle name. 


<---- thank you to my awesome photographer friend, Amy Bourne, for this image.