Giving back to my community

As I've gotten older and redirected my life, I've realized that having a fulfilling and meaningful life is not about satisfying my own personal wants and needs. It's about helping to meet the needs of others. My family, my friends, my community. I've decided that with each of my mini session events throughout the year, I will be using a portion of the proceeds for special projects for our community or for donations to causes that involve our children and their well-being. 

I'll be starting with my mini session event on March 15,  'Time to Shine'  for school age kids and tweens. Because of recent events, my plan is to now donate 10% of my total session sales toward the purchase of The Bully Project's Educator DVD and Toolkit for a handful of our local schools. The toolkit includes the movie Bully and can be passed from classroom to classroom as well a Principal's Pledge poster.

If you'd like more information on The Bully Project, please visit