What's going on? Changes in my "studio" work, newborns, mini sessions, and the future.

This question seems to be getting more and more frequent so let me take a minute a put everyone's mind at ease regarding some changes to the photography services I will be offering in 2017. 


First, thank you all so much for your enthusiasm! I just can't properly explain how good it makes me feel that so many are admiring and loving on my work! Especially, my newborn work. I only began officially offering newborn sessions about a year and a half ago. I never expected the response I've received and to have the opportunity to photograph all these sweet babies that have passed through my home-studio. Seriously, thank you!


So, what's the deal? My husband, Kevin, and I decided several months ago that homeschooling was the route we wanted to go for our daughter's education. Whew, what a decision that was! This little child of mine is brilliant, I tell ya. Keeping up with her has proven quite the challenge for me. The rate at which she is learning and the amount of information she soaks up is just stammering. Here we are, just a few weeks past her 4th birthday and she is reading basic one-syllable words already. I guess I should have expected this when she was blasting through games of Memory on the iPad shortly after her first birthday, or when she was recognizing all her letters at 18 months of age and was counting to 100 at age 3.  I can't keep up with this girl. I dunno, maybe this is the normal progression of learning for kids, but either way, I had no clue! I expected more of a struggle. I expected a battle between mom and daughter and butting heads and having to force information down her throat that I barely even knew myself. Nope, not the case. It's easy, LOL! But, it does take time and it takes effort and it takes spaaaaace.  ~  My in-home studio is now my in-home school and I am loving it. All of my studio gear has been taken down to the bare minimum and is neatly tucked away in the closet for now. As far as our daily routines, they aren't a whole lot different,  honestly. We have a great pre-school curriculum that I'm using as a guide, but I'm still figuring out what works best for us and what fits our style of teaching/learning. We work on bible, phonics, writing, etc in little tid-bits throughout the day. I still have time, in between, to take care of running this little business of mine, although juggling said business, and homeschooling, and parenting, and wife-ing, and mom-ing, and friend-ing, AND RN-ing part-time, plus all the other general life-ing on top of my near-crippling clinical anxiety is kind of, well, HARD. So, compromises are due.


Will I still photograph newborns? Yep, but on a limited basis. Ya'll know my perfectionist nature.... I can't just photograph a baby half-heartedly. I need every single aspect perfect. Every finger, every bonnet string, every angle, everything. Things that you won't even notice in a photo will drive me bonkers. Hence, why it takes me forever and 528 years to photograph a baby! If you have a baby on the way, better let me know soon. I'll take one or two per month in my studio and a handful of lifestyle newborn sessions per month. All the details are in my guide, just send me a note if you'd like to see it.


No MINI sessions this Fall/Christmas? Nope, I'll only offer mini session events once per year during the months of April and May around the celebration of Mother's Day. However, I do have room to squeeze a few more regularly priced sessions in around mid-November.


What about all other regular session types for this year? Nothing is changing for regular photography sessions. (family, child, couple, etc) I am pretty full right now but could squeeze in 2-3 regular priced sessions this November for any client that I've previously worked with. I'm not accepting any new clients for the remainder of 2016.  Bookings for 2017 families, children, & couples will open in January. (except newborn, you can tell me now if you need me for newborn in 2017)


You're not quitting, are you? I haven't made that decision quite yet, but have come very close. My family and mental health are my first priority. For now, the plan is to reduce the client volume, freeing up more time for myself, my family, and for volunteering/charitable photography work.


I hope this clears everything up for you guys! Much LOVE to every one of you that has been concerned!